Our History


It was started in the city of Riyadh and operating for more than twenty-five years

In which a small fuel station was established under the name of “Tap Line” to serve and refuel cars. And over a decade, it reached more than eight gas stations spreading all over the city of Riyadh. Since then, it has been the beginning of establishing a company that works in the transportation sector of fuel. Indeed, in 2010 AD was the beginning of the great breakthrough of our company under the name of the “WAQOODI” for transferring and distributing of petroleum derivatives. Now it is one of the most impor tant and largest distributors and transpor ters of petroleum products approved by ARAMCO.

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We are one of the leading companies in the field of oil services

WAQOODI services include transportation and distribution of fuel, management of gas stations and markets

Our Brands

Our Brands